Dating App Academy

In a post-covid landscape, dating apps have become the norm

Founder of the Sunnyside, Emma Mankey Hidem, with her partner, whom she met on OKCupid.

Taking place February 22nd and 27th at 8pm Eastern Time!

Got dating app fatigue?

Dating Apps can be frustrating - and we're here to help!

Maybe you're not getting enough matches - or maybe you are getting quantity but not quality. Maybe you want a relationship but you only seem to match with people looking for something casual.

Whatever your problem might be, join our virtual Dating App Academy and in this we'll go over:

  • The current app landscape - which apps are best for what purposes and people

  • Presenting your best self, and doing so in a way that helps the app provide better matches

  • Best practices of dating app use

  • Tips for those first messages once you've matched

  • Tricks to maximize the efficiency of dating apps - weed out incompatible matches faster!

Join as VIP and in session 2, we'll review your profile directly!

NOTE: If you join as VIP to have your profile reviewed, you MUST be able to attend the virtual review session live on February 27th at 8pm Eastern Time

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