Current Course Offerings

Break the Pattern Bootcamp is our most comprehensive, holistic course. For 8 weeks, starting on Tuesday night, March 12th, you will:

  • learn the science behind human attachment

  • take a deep dive into your relationship history to identify patterns that aren't serving you

  • do mindset work to boost your confidence and joy

  • challenge yourself to meet people IRL so you can rely less on inefficient and exhausting dating apps

  • set yourself up to build a healthy, strong relationship once you find the right person.

Our 2-session Dating App Academy helps you improve your chances on dating apps. You can join as an observer if you just want to hear tips and tricks. Or join as a VIP and we will review your profile and give you direct, actionable feedback on how to make it better.

The next Dating App Academy will take place February 22nd and 27th. Join us and maybe you'll be off the apps before Valentine's Day 2025 rolls around!

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