Has dating left you feeling exhausted?

Are you sick of wasting time on the wrong people?

Are you ready to stop repeating old patterns? To enjoy dating again?

In just 8 weeks, our comprehensive virtual Break the Pattern Bootcamp uses proven science to teach you how to:

Meet the right people (without the apps!)

Make dating fun again

Avoid past pitfalls

Get to know people at a deeper level faster

Build relationships that last

You'll also notice improvements in other areas of your life because of a mindset shift and better interpersonal skills!

Save $75 if you sign up within one month of Valentine's Day! (March 14th)

Need one-on-one help? Upgrade to VIP for 3 individual coaching sessions - a $450 value for only $149!

Break the Pattern Bootcamp is for singles or people in early relationships of any gender identity or sexual orientation. Scroll down to see the curriculum and learn more!

What makes Break the Pattern Bootcamp different from other dating courses?

We focus on YOU

We take a deep dive into YOUR dating and relationship history to find YOUR patterns and issues to create real, lasting change.

Most other courses use a "one size fits all" approach and give you general advice without looking at what your specific problems are.

It's holistic and science-based

We cover all stages of the dating and relationship process and we use techniques that are backed by science.

Most other courses focus on one or two topics at most and many pull advice from pop culture or outdated dating "rules."

It's LIVE!

Emma will be teaching the course live and doing group coaching in every session so you can ask questions, seek advice, and get feedback. Want one-on-one attention? Upgrade to VIP!

Most other virtual courses are pre-recorded and have little to no access to the instructor.

As seen in...

Meet your instructor

Emma Mankey Hidem is the creator and host of The Game Show of Love, an interactive dating game show, which she started in April 2020 as a pivot for her media production business, Sunnyside Productions, during covid-19.

The Game Show of Love created connection for people during an unprecedently lonely time and a community built up around the show. In her unexpected role of dating-show-community-manager, Emma hosted expert talks, lead discussions, and even ran a relationship book club.

As Emma dove further and further into the dating industry, she realized how much terrible advice was out there and she decided she needed to step up.

In her new capacity as a dating expert, she has been featured in Newsweek multiple times and on the nationally-syndicated tv show The List, to name a few.


What to expect:

  • Meeting virtually every Saturday for 8 weeks at 2pm Eastern Time

  • Each 90-minute session will include a presentation and time for questions/coaching

  • Can't make it live? Sessions will be recorded and available until one month after the bootcamp ends.

    *Why do we put an expiration date on content availability? To motivate you to actually do the work.*

  • You'll also have a little homework, making the average weekly commitment just 3 hours

  • There will be an online community where you can ask questions, seek advice, share successes or commiserate on the pains of dating & relationships



Week 1: The science of attachment

Using the research of scientists Amir Levine and Rachel S. F. Heller, you'll learn about the different styles of human attachment, determine your own attachment style, and learn how to approach dating and relationships with other people based on how their attachment style interacts with yours.


Weeks 2-3: The "relationship audit"

It's not always fun to think about past relationships but we're going to face that fear and take a good, honest, and comprehensive look at your dating and relationship history so that we can identify patterns, learn from our mistakes, and use that knowledge to date in a more fun and effective way.


Week 4: Mindset & limiting beliefs

A positive mindset is important - it will improve your dating life (and your regular life) and help you navigate the harder times in dating & relationships. Cultivating a positive mindset is an active practice and we'll teach you science-based ways to do it. We'll also look at your limiting beliefs - things that might be holding you back.


Week 5: Core values & relationship goals

Reminding yourself of your core values helps you pursue the proper course of action in any area of your life. You'll reflect on your core values and use your relationship audit to get clear on what you want in a relationship, in a partner, and in how you yourself show up in dating & relationships.


Week 6: Meeting the right people (without dating apps!)

Dating apps became the default way to meet people during covid but swiping apps are inefficient, exhausting, and sometimes even traumatic because you're matching based on so little information. We'll talk about how to meet the right people IRL: where to look, how to approach people with confidence, tactics to reduce your fear of rejection, etc.


Week 7: So you're dating someone...

Week 7 focuses on the early stages of dating. We'll talk about how to ditch the "rules" and games in favor of being authentic, how to identify red flags early on, important conversations to have upfront, putting your best foot forward, and getting to know people at a deeper level more quickly.


Week 8: Building a relationship that lasts

Despite how Hollywood portrays relationships, they take a lot of work. Loving someone is an active and ever-evolving process, not a magical feeling. You'll learn how to keep the passion alive, not take your partner for granted, communicate effectively, and handle conflict in a healthy way.

Why become a founding member?

  • Live group coaching... every session: Because this is a beta, Emma will be teaching it live each week. Future Bootcamps will be made up of much more pre-recorded content. (Value $1800)

  • Lifetime access to our community: Founding members get lifetime access to our virtual community where you can seek advice, meet other singles (if you want to), and more! (Value $700)

  • Discounts and other rewards: Not only will future Bootcamps be more expensive, but founding Bootcamp members will be rewarded with discounts on future programs.

    • Know people who you think could benefit from this course? Earn cash for referrals!

    • Oh and you'll get cash back for providing feedback at the end of the course!


Want personalized one-on-one help with your dating problems? Sign up for VIP and you'll get 3 private sessions with Emma, plus other bonuses!

  • Session #1: We'll talk about the issues you are facing and your relationship goals so that you can maximize the Bootcamp

  • Session #2: Emma will help you with your relationship audit and/or review it with you to help you identify patterns.

  • Session #3: At the end of the course, Emma will review your worksheets and help you build a plan to find your perfect partner so that you have a proactive dating journey mapped out for yourself

  • Longer access to recordings: Session recordings will be available to VIPs for three months after the course ends and you will have lifetime access to recordings of your private coaching sessions.

  • Other bonus materials: You'll get a few special guides and have access to recordings of a few talks Emma hosted with other experts in the past.

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Ignore the "rules"

March 28, 20234 min read

The main thing that inspired me to become a dating coach was seeing so much bad advice out there - advice that encouraged people to follow silly, arbitrary rules and/or play games rather than just communicating in a straightforward way. I get asked all the time "what's the rule about x situation" and I'm very passionate about the fact that there are no universal "rules" - that people need to talk it out and figure out what works for them and their situation. Check out this video about how ignoring the rules and being authentic will increase your chances of meeting the right person and why it's so exciting that we live in a time where we can say "screw what society says we should do" and customize our relationships the way we want.


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Let’s talk about dating and relationship “rules” for a second. You know what I’m talking about – don’t call for three days after the first date, wait for them to make the first move, don’t sleep with them til x date, don’t talk about wanting a serious relationship or kids or politics or religion, etc.

Well, I’m just gonna say it. F**k the rules. One of the things that makes me happiest about the times we’re living in is that people are realizing these rules are stupid and literally counterproductive to finding a fulfilling relationship. Playing games has probably caused just about everyone to miss out on some really great relationships because miscommunications occurred, mis-reading of intentionally vague signals, whatever.

People are finally realizing that it’s not only ok to communicate your wants and needs and be yourself but actually extremely important in terms of finding the right relationship. There is someone out there for everyone so embrace your specific type of weird.

This exact topic is actually what inspired me to become a dating coach – I was quoted in an article that was seeking advice about how to talk about whether or not you want to have kids with your partner. My answer was “just talk about it right away. Otherwise you’re just wasting each others’ time.” But other suggestions from “experts” in the article were HORRIFYINGLY BAD. One was “show them pictures of your friends’ kids and see how they react.” What?! They might think kids are totally adorable in pictures but that doesn’t give any indication of whether or not they actually want them. And also, you shouldn’t even be “partners” by the time you have that conversation.

Have the important conversations early: what you’re looking for in a relationship, kids, pets, money – different ways of dealing with money is a very big reason people get divorced – politics, religion, and anything else that’s important to you.

Don’t pretend to like things you don’t like. Don’t pretend to be more or less affectionate than you are. Don’t hold back on saying what you want to say – well, ok, there might be limits to that depending on conflict resolution skills. Don’t be toxic or mean.

But the point is, we live in an awesome time when we can literally customize our relationships to exactly how we want them. Look at the rise of ethical nonmonogamy as the perfect example of this. People are realizing that one person might not be able to meet all of their needs, and then they collaborate and negotiate with their partner or partners to figure out what works for them. But even within monogamous dating and relationships, people are ditching the rules and figuring out what works best for THEM. Whether it’s physical, sexual, emotional, and mental boundaries, needs, and desires, just freaking communicate – I swear some day I’m gonna make a communication course called “just f**king talk to each other”.

And guess what? You’re going to be much more likely to meet and build a relationship with the right person if you are your authentic self FROM DAY 1 and you communicate who you are and what you want or need clearly. All the rules and games do is waste time and increase the likelihood that the relationship will later fail since it isn’t built on a solid foundation.


Emma Mankey Hidem

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